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It’s time to make sure

It’s free, however limited to industry professionals with experience in areas we feel competent in advising. Let’s set up a time to review your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Schedule a Free

We have over 20 years of experience assisting professionals during times of growth and recession. Let’s spend  15 minutes reviewing your LinkedIn profile, resume, current achievements and the confidential searches we’re conducting.’

We can help you build your

If you’re like most professionals you need some assistance customizing your LinkedIn profile/resume. Included: 30 minute chat over the phone/Skype. An updated resume with three rounds of edits. A fully updated and optimized LinkedIn profile tailored to your needs and career marketplaces we serve.  One time payment of $492 or 12 monthly payments of $41 ($492 Total)

We can help you get started

A generation ago it was believed that consulting was a euphemism for unemployed. The reality is over 50% of career opportunities are project based and not permanent. We’ll assist you in preparing to present your past achievements for either a direct position or consulting project. In addition to building your LinkedIn profile and resume, we’ll coach you how to access this marketplace. We offer this service on a select basis at this time.