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Are you ready for your next great
career opportunity?

It’s time to make sure


If you are ready to lead a strategic initiative or would like to explore a strategic partnership with one of our clients we can help you prepare your pitch. 

We make confidential strategic introductions

Happy? Lets Keep You in Mind

Since 2008 we have kept your peers aware of great new leadership challenges in your industry.

Lets schedule 15 minutes to review your background and keep you in mind for your next opportunity whether its tomorrow, ten years from now or maybe never. It’s ok with us.

Had Enough? Lets Create Options

Most commonly, you’re a main contributor on a great team responsible for a large portion of the bottom line. 

Then, a merger, new boss, or unrealistic goals makes it time to take your talents elsewhere. 

We offer a six week workshop to gain a better understanding of behavior traits, update your resume and target your next opportunity whether its as individual contributor or leader.

Time to Take Control? Lets Make a Plan

The leaders in your industry are ready to add new capabilities whether its a team lift out or engaging us to build a team. 

We will guide you through our proprietary system to either lead a team or join one. 

When ready make confidential introductions to investors and firms looking to invest.

We offer a twelve week workshop to develop a business plan, pro-forma and pitch deck to prospective clients.