Strategic Leadership Search Services

Retained Executive Search – Whether you’re funding a new start up, transitioning your management team for second stage growth or developing a succession plan for a stable leadership transition, having the right executive team in place is the key. We analyze your corporate culture assessing the natural tensions between collaboration, creativity, control and competition. We assess candidates for relevant experience, skills, behavioral traits, leadership style, emotional integrity and readiness. We recommend leaders that are prepared to lead your company to perform in your strategic environment.

Performance Management Searches/Projects – Once your executive team is solid finding key employees to drive value in excess of cost is the truest path to maintaining your competitive advantage. We work closely with prospective candidates advising them on career experiences and corporate cultures that match their ability to perform their best day one. This partially retained model ensures that we will provide full market coverage, position your career experience confidentially and secure someone who is performing highly however ready to make the right career move for a great opportunity.

Strategic Partnerships

Leading with Lift – We have partnered with one of the pioneers in positive leadership development, corporate culture assessments and managing planned change. They are skilled at counseling your leadership team through positive transitions to higher performance.

Candidate Assessments – Our consultants are trained in interpreting DISC and Normative based candidate assessment systems. We have partnered with many providers of these services to conduct concurrent studies of your top performing employees and build recruiting road maps to select higher potential candidates to develop. These assessments when combined with positive leadership programs maximizes onboarding, mentorship and employee performance. The result is enhanced clarity, positive employee morale and lower turnover.

Succession Planning/Coaching – Many succession planning systems classify employees as high potentials, keepers, solid citizens and not fitting the culture. In today’s global economy with flatter organizations the time to mentor the next generation leadership is precious. As many baby boomers head toward retirement while industries are transforming to a new structure mentors to guide young leaders through these times are in short supply internally. We have vetted industry insiders who have professional training in coaching to assist your next leadership team prepare them to lead the company forward.