for your business and your people

Let us introduce you to professionals who don’t have time to “look”

Just imagine…talking to someone who really wants to solve your problems and grow your company

Top performers are invested in projects, businesses and opportunities they care about. Through our innovative search process, we’ll attract the select few who are ready to invest in what you care about.

The right fit is everything.

Why waste time and resources on someone who’s only looking for a title and the perks that come with it? Or someone looking to get out of their current situation before it’s too late? Or someone looking just for the sake of looking?

At DSP, we make your search much more effective.

We give you access to professionals who are rarely accessible through traditional methods

It’s a smarter way to connect with talent

Our growing Confidential Network features professionals in your industry who are managing their career success by actively preparing for the next step. We are highly selective and only target people who are passionate about what they do.

When your people are truly invested in your business, amazing things happen – for everyone

Confidential Search

We partner with you – in absolute discretion - to recruit the leaders you need to take your business in a new direction.

Retained Search

We’ll customize your recruiting method and engage the best to consider making a career change.

Confidential Introductions

We reach out to our Confidential Network to see who is open to exploring your business.

Independent NexBench Consulting (DSP subsidiary)

Provides pre-qualified independent professionals engaged on a project consulting basis.