Doherty Search Partners is an executive search and management advisory firm based on eight core values:

  • Integrity – We are transparent and honest in our dealings.
  • Confidence – We are honorable advisors never gossiping about others.
  • Accountability – We do what we say we are going to do from the beginning. We perform our services in a disciplined manner with clear expectations.
  • Perspective – We embrace fresh perspectives while generating many options, increasing the understanding of those options, making recommendations and letting our clients choose.
  • Courage – We challenge long held assumptions while staying calm and level headed. We are candid as our clients weigh through the logic and emotion of a key business decisions.
  • Personable – We are comfortable with ourselves and with a wide range of personalities. We take our clients issues seriously however enjoy breaking the tension with some humor.
  • Passion – We have passion for what we do and care deeply for those we serve.
  • Freedom – We believe that the human spirit is at its best while pursuing happiness through seeking opportunities and making well-informed choices.