Board Optimization and Compliance:

The current board composition trends including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digitization, ESG, and Cybersecurity will only gain more complexity with future trends on the horizon.

We have analyzed over 20 different board evaluation software platforms from the industry leader Nasdaq Boardvantage to new players in the field. We looked into how effectively each platform meets the needs of United States & European Governance Compliance, Industry Specific Compliance, Strategy Alignment, Committee Assignments and Individual Member Evaluations. Let’s discuss your board evaluation needs and solutions that meet your goals and budget.

We believe that as an Executive Search Firm we have a conflict of interest by making board composition recommendations and searching for new members. When it’s time to find new members, we review your board evaluation data provided by you to find those who will round out your team.

Leadership Development:

Do you have a group of high potential executives looking to build engagement, resiliency, and positive energy within themselves and create an environment that will allow others to do the same?

For over 10 years, we have engaged with the thought leaders of University of Michigan’s Center of Positive Organization to bring leading edge research into practice.

Over the years, common complaints of leadership coaching are time taken away from day-to-day business, cost, and pre-prescribed paths for development. We have partnered with an innovative self-paced platform that builds awareness and actionable leadership as a foundation for those in leadership today and those who are on their way. Your leaders will complete the course, experience a virtual group facilitation, and join an ongoing leadership circle to provide an environment to grow.

Let’s discuss your leadership development needs.