Professional Recruiting Partner:

NexBench: Attracting the best individual contributors for your Culture, Values and Leaders. Recruiting & Professional Staffing Provider in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.
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Referral Partners:

We have referral partnerships with some of the leading niche boutique financial firms including commercial banks specializing in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. 
If you’re looking for a strategic introduction, we’d be happy to assist you. 
Investment Fund
Syndication & Warehouse Lending Partners
Investment Banking
Regulated Commercial Banking Executives
Private and Venture Debt Funds
Private Equity Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Debt Advisory Firms
Performance Improvement/Turnaround Firms
Commercial Loan Note Buyers

Assessments and Affiliations:

Organization Culture Assessment
Competing Values Framework
Predictive Index – Team Dynamics
Predictive Index – Organizational Design
Predicative Index – Hiring with Purpose
Predictive Index – Workforce Behaviors
Predictive Index Cognitive – (Attention, Memory, Visuospatial, Language and Reasoning)
Leadership Behaviors: Intellectual, Personal, Interpersonal, Management
Leadership Core Competencies: Director, Producer, Coordinator, Monitor, Mentor, Facilitator, Innovator and Broker Roles