We consult with many companies that have a clear vision of how their products and services will change the world. The great ones build their leadership team with a balance of work styles, management experience and passion with a shared belief of future greatness.

All great companies have identified a group of fully engaged people who are passionate about their own career development and the vision of the leadership team. These same great companies manage people who enjoy the blend of corporate culture and a healthy work life balance. We help you attract, engage and empower team players who will optimize your organization.

Most companies today are at an inflection point of integrating workflow technologies, artificial intelligence, and team-based leadership practices. “Who is doing what?” is getting more complex as competitors adopt innovations to make them more efficient and effective in the market.

Organizational Clarity will bring a three-dimensional view of your organization so everyone knows what they are responsible for doing and accountable for thinking about. We coach leadership teams managing change to maximize their investment in systems and people.

Talent Optimization

Organizations today are pursuing a strategic direction of either growing, structuring, refining, or reorganizing.

Our systems will help you assess your current business culture and desired culture moving forward. We may consult with your leadership team to increase self and team-dynamic awareness to work effectively together.

We listened to the frustration many share with consultants that present interesting ideas that never produce results.

We searched for a system that is easily understood at all levels of the organization, facilitates clearer communication, empowers career development, and facilitates coherent successful teams. We are advocates of Predictive Index’s integration of the Competing Values Framework producing results.

We will learn your business strategy and guide you through diagnosing, designing, hiring/reorganizing, and inspiring your organization to get the business results you desire.

To Learn More About Designing Great Teams: Here is a 2-minute video.

Organizational Clarity

In a world of instant competitor imitation, the one thing that cannot be instantly imitated are engaged employees who believe in your vision and embody your values.

We consult with owners and leaders in the use of tools that allow them to consistently hire and motivate employees who stand tall and think of their work as more than their job.

We are practitioners of a proven method of guiding leaders in customizing and installing the most impactful employee engagement solution that clarifies the question of “Who is doing what?”

As the CEO, can your leaders and individual contributors say YES to these 7 things?

  • I Belong here
  • I Believe in our contribution to the world
  • I am Accountable
  • I understand and embrace how I am Measured
  • I am Heard
  • I assume an adult approach to my own career Development
  • I Understand what work/life balance means at our organization
  • I am Balanced

We are certified coaches in The Patient Organization and Organizational Cognizance.