We have consulted with many entrepreneurs who have a clear vision of how their product and service will change the world. The great ones build their leadership team with a balance of work styles, management experience and passion to start a new venture with a shared belief of greatness.

As their venture grows from the startup phase where everyone is doing everything, they eventually hire employees whose passion is to do a great job. Who is doing what? Gets very complex very quickly as the venture adds new systems, interactions, workflows, and people. We help leadership teams build organizations that maximize their investment in systems and people.

Organizational Clarity

Built on the backbone of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) we are delivering the next generation leadership operating system to attract, engage, and empower team players.

We consult with you to implement an organization where those working with you belong, believe, accountable, measured, share insights, paths for development and have a work life balance.

The leaders will understand in multiple dimensions jobs, teams, meetings, interactions, workflows, processes, systems, objectives, results, skills, and competencies each employee has now and is developing. The organization is fully aware and can pivot to changing customer demands, implement new technologies and evolve in the business world they exist.

Talent Optimization

Most businesses are at some stage of either being overwhelmed with growth, determined to develop, feeling stuck with refinements, or pressured to make a major change. We consult with organizations at every stage to optimize their talent to achieve their goals.

We will help you assess your team beyond their education, knowledge, skills, and experience. Our systems will help you to assess your employee’s workforce behavioral drives and cognitive abilities. We will help you and your colleagues build greater self-awareness to best contribute to the team. As you look to hire, our assessment systems will provide insight beyond an interview into behavior fit and time it will take the person to come up to speed. If major changes need to be made, then we will assist your decisions in how to reorganize to meet your strategy going forward.